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Stainless Steel Touchless Trash

Stainless Steel Touchless Trash

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Tossing tissues, meal scraps, or used anything into the trash? Don't even think about touching the trash bin lid. It will automatically open with a wave of your hand over the thoughtfully placed sensor and will close after five
Even better, its built-in vacuum with infrared technology and dual filters senses floor debris (hello, crumbs!) in front of it and automatically pulls them into its easy-to-clean bin. Simply sweep debris up to the front of it+ sensor. It's perfect for quick cleanups, so you can leave your big vacuum in the closet.

20 liner bags 
1,000W motor 

45-liter trash can capacity 
Handsfree, motion sensor-activated lid + stationary vacuum with infrared sensor activation for automatic debris pickup Bag-less 2-liter vacuum canister with dual filters 
Infrared technology automatically activates vacuum 
Manual vacuum function 
Full indicator 
Powerful suction, removes dust, hair, debris, fine particles
Uses standard 13 gallon can liners Stainless steel construction